Sustainable Sourcing

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The Ethical Tea Partnership

We are also a member of the Ethical Tea Partnership, a not-for-profit organisation which brings together the tea industry with development partners, NGOs and governments to improve the lives and livelihoods of tea workers, farmers and the environment in which they live and work. Find out more about the partnership.



Rainforest Alliance

Rainforest Alliance

All of our PG tips tea is 100% Rainforest Alliance certified™. In fact, we were the first tea brand in the UK to carry the seal! The Rainforest Alliance works with individuals, communities and companies (such as ours) to conserve biodiversity and ensure sustainable lifestyles. Our Kericho tea estate, where our PG tips tea is grown, was actually the first tea estate in the world to become Rainforest Alliance Certified™ in 2007. 

PGtips Box Range

Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification

All of our boxes are made using PEFC certified cardboard. This means that it comes from a PEFC-certified forest that is managed in line with the strictest environmental, social and economic requirements. A forest that will be around for generations to come.  Find out more

Tea farm

Less water, more tea

Sustainable tea production needs responsible water management. That’s why we're currently working on a number of programs to reduce our water use. With the right support, we can boost yields and adapt to climate change in a water-efficient way.

We have implemented over 4,000 water management plans through our sustainable sourcing programme. Some  positive innovations at our tea estates include:

• The introduction of drip irrigation, preventing wastage by delivering water straight to plant roots

• Introduction of high-quality crop varieties

• Better soil and nutrient management, enhancing soil structure so it can hold more water

Tea farm

Renewable Energy

On our Kericho tea estate, over 96% of our electricity is renewable (we’ve even built our own hydroelectric power stations to help with this).

Our Manchester factory, where our tea is blended and packaged, is also carbon neutral and uses 100% renewable energy. 

Tea leaves in a bag


We know how important it is to understand where your tea comes from and transparency is a key ingredient in our ambition to make the tea industry fairer and more sustainable. In September 2019, we took an important step forward by publishing a list of all our global suppliers of our tea.

Tea farm

Supporting biodiversity 

We are proud supporters of biodiversity and natural balance in our tea gardens which is why we've planted 1.3 million trees across our Unilever Tea Kenya estates, and donated a further 30,000 indigenous trees to local communities and institutions.
We also support the endangered Colobus monkey sanctuary in Kenya – as well as doing what we can to promote local wildlife with new initiatives such as our treatment of waste water. 

Leading by example

PG tips is part of the Unilever group. Unilever’s purpose is simple but clear – to make sustainable living commonplace. 

Unilever want to help create a world where everyone can live well within the natural limits of the planet. We’re putting sustainable living at the heart of everything we do. That includes our brands and products, our standards of behaviour within and beyond Unilever, and our partnerships and advocacy efforts – which are driving transformational change across our value chain, and beyond.

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