We Support Communities

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Farmer dropping tea leaves

A community approach

Our Kericho estate is home to 40,000 residents, with over 5,500 permanent workers and several thousand temporary workers joining them in peak season.

Plus, we have 2 community hospitals, 4 health centres and 23 dispensaries providing on-site medical care. 

Picking tea leaves

Supporting with education

For over 5,500 workers’ families on our tea estate in Kenya, we provide nursery, primary and secondary school education.

We also ensure that our employees are educated with regular training programs at our Farmer Field Schools. Globally, 86,000 of our lead farmers (including around 42,000 women) have attended these schools to help set best agricultural  practices, improve quality and increase yield.

Plus, we’ve helped nearly 560,000 small farmers in Kenya gain Rainforest Alliance certification – with Kericho being the first tea farm in the world to get this certification back in 2007.

person picking tea leaves

Helping to create jobs

In 2017, we began an ambitious new tea project to create 1,000 jobs in Nyaruguru, one of the poorest districts of Rwanda. This included building a factory and establishing a small plantation. The aim is to help around 6,000 people earn a decent, sustainable living as smallholder tea farmers. 

person picking tea leaves

Improving Financial security 

We work with the Ethical Tea Partnership on the Malawi Tea 2020 programme which is aiming to revitalise the country’s tea sector so that workers earn a living wage and small-scale farmers earn a living income. Through our work with The Ethical Tea Partnership, by 2018, 50,000 workers were earning almost 40% more that Malawi’s agricultural minimum daily wage.