• tea pot pouring tea into cup
    How do I make the perfect cup of tea?

    Everyone makes tea their own special way, but here’s how we’d recommend getting the most from your cuppa...

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  • Pregnant woman holding green cup
    Can I drink tea when pregnant?

    When you’re pregnant, picking the right things to eat and drink can be more than a little confusing...

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  • faq holding image
    What are the benefits of drinking tea?

    Whilst there are many facts about drinking tea, experts say that the...

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  • Iced tea with lemon
    How to make iced tea?

    We have discoved a new type of tea that invigorates the mind by releasing endorphins into the bloodsteam...

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  • personalised pg tips mug
    Where can I buy a personalised mug?

    What better way to enjoy your cuppa, than from your very own personalised mug with your...

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  • dairy free and the origional pg tips packs
    How is Perfect with Dairy-Free different to Original?

    We know that more people are drinking dairy alternatives...

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  • pg tips tasty decaf
    What makes ‘The Tasty Decaf’ taste great?

    We realised that tea lovers choosing to cut down on caffeine weren’t getting...

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