Iced Green Tea

All tea-lovers like me will agree that there is no bad time to enjoy a cuppa. But sometimes hot tea doesn’t quite fit the occasion, like on a scorching summer’s day. Such moments call for a fancy twist -- which is where the idea for iced green tea comes in to play! Marvelous!

Here’s my recipe for iced green tea. Feel free to mix it up a little to suit your own taste!

You will need…

4 PG tips Green pyramid Tea bags (whether you choose my Pure Green or a big-tasting flavoured Green is up to you)

A slice of fresh Lemon

A generous sprig of fresh Mint leaves


500ml boiling water

500ml cold water



Start by letting your tea bags brew in the boiled water for two to three minutes, and then take out the tea bags. Allow the tea to cool.

Next, pour the yummy tea into a jug and add in as much Honey, Lemon and Mint as tickles your tastebuds!

Add cold water to the mixture and pop he jug in the fridge.

Once the mixture is lovely and chilled, serve the tea in a glass with ice and garnish as you wish!

Crikey, it taste good – enjoy!

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