What We’re Doing

Tea is the second most consumed beverage after water in the UK and at PG tips we know how important the taste of your cuppa is.

Unilever is committed to delivering its sustainability targets. One of these targets is to halve the environmental footprint of our products by 2020. Here at PG tips we are aligned with Unilever’s commitment and we aim to reduce the environmental impact of our teas by 2020.
PG tips is proud to be the first major UK tea brand with fully Rainforest Alliance certified tea, for both black and green teas. In 2015 we will continue our journey and refine our blend to deliver all the great fresh taste that consumers love with less tea.
We have been listening to our tea fans to better understand their brewing habits and what they believe makes a great cup of tea. Working with our master blender we have developed a new blend that delivers all the same great fresh PG tips taste that our tea fans love, while reducing the content of each tea bag by 0.2g. Our Master blenders have been selecting, grading and blending teas collectively for over 100  years, meaning that you can continue to enjoy your cuppa with the knowledge that our experts have chosen the tea with the same care and attention that they have applied for the last 80 years.

AND this means that with our new blend we will reduce the amount of tea bag waste that gets put into landfill by almost 1,000 tons per year which equates to three Boeing 747s!
And let’s not forget about our pyramid bags! They’re one of the things that makes us loved by the masses. Some even call them the eighth wonder of the world! These bags act like a mini teapot giving the tea leaves 50% more room to move than regular tea bags. In 2015, we are introducing our new tea bag paper for our pyramid bag which will complement our new blend. Our new paper has been produced with smaller holes that helps our new blend perform at its best. The result is that the brewing time and the flavour of your cuppa is completely unaffected.
So, put the kettle on and have a cuppa.