What We’re Doing

Tea is the most consumed beverage after water in the UK – that’s a lot of tea drinking! And here at PG tips we are not only passionate about making all your cuppas as tasty as they can be, we are also committed to ensure that we continually reduce the impact of all that tea on the environment. Did you know we were the first major UK tea brand to sell fully Rainforest Alliance certified black and green teas?

100% Biodegradable bags

Our pyramid® bags are currently made mostly with paper, with a small amount of polypropylene used to seal the tea bag… but not for long!

We couldn’t be prouder to announce the latest step in our journey to improve the impact of our products on the with the introduction of our new biodegradable teabags over the course of 2018.

As part of an initial trial, our new tea bags have been sealed using a new material that is plant-based and renewable. Unlike polypropylene the new material is made from corn starch and is fully biodegradable.

Our aim is to move all of our PG tips tea bags to our new plant based material by the end of 2018. This marks another important step in our journey to ensure we reduce the environmental impact of everyone’s favourite cuppa!

What can you do?

Our new tea bags are completely biodegradable and will break down under the right environmental conditions. If you have a food waste recycling collection in your area, you can put your used tea bags in there. Alternatively, you could pop it into your home composter, however, our climate means it can take a long time to break down, so you may want to sieve out the leftover part of your tea bag and discard it or dig in with the compost.

For loads of tips and information on home composting, visit http://www.recyclenow.com/home_composting