What We’re Doing

Tea is the second most consumed beverage after water in the UK – that’s a lot of tea drinking! And here at PG tips we are not only passionate about making all your cuppas as tasty as they can be, we are also committed to ensure that we continually reduce the impact of all that tea on the environment.

We were proud to be the first major UK tea brand to sell fully Rainforest Alliance certified black and green teas. This year we have been focusing on waste, and we have worked closely with our master blenders to refine our blend (for both original and decaf tea) so that we could deliver all the great taste that you love, but with a little less tea in the bags – 0.2g less in fact.

So you get the same delicious tea experience, but we have managed to reduce the amount of tea in our original and decaf tea bag waste that goes into landfill by almost 1000 tonnes a year – which equates to three Boeing 747s!

And let’s not forget about our pyramid® bags! They’re one of the things that makes us loved by the masses. Some even call them the eighth wonder of the world! These bags act like a mini teapot giving the tea leaves more room to move and giving you the taste you love..

So, go on...put the kettle on...