Pyjama Tea Party

Sleepovers are so much fun. There’s nothing like spending the night with good friends and a good cuppa PG tips. Besides, I look dashing in a dressing gown if I do say so myself. Here are my tried-and-tested tips for keeping your pyjama party going till bedtime.

Pyjama Tea Recommendation: PG Tips Decaf

It’s important to get your beauty sleep, even when your pals pop over, which is why I always have a pot of PG tips Decaf handy at my pyjama parties.

Pyjama Tea Party Recipe Idea –  Honey, Rosemary and Popcorn Flapjacks

What pyjama party would be complete without popcorn? In this recipe, I’ve included it as part of a deliciously moreish honey and rosemary flapjack. Wash them down with a warming cup of PG tips Decaf tea.

Pyjama Tea Party Decoration Ideas

Do a little star-gazing indoors by hanging fairy lights from the ceiling. Smaller lights give the room a softer glow than normal ceiling lights – great for creating a dreamy atmosphere before bed.

If you fancy some nibbles, I find that cheese and biscuits and pick’n’mix are great to munch on. Don’t forget our moreish PG tips popcorn flapjacks – you’ll find the recipe at the bottom of the page.

Camp out in your living room with a duvet picnic. You can use pillows for seats, and an old bed sheet or rug as a picnic blanket. Just watch out for crumbs if you’ve invited any messy eaters around!

Pyjama Tea Party Fancy Dress Ideas

What else would I wear to a pyjama party but my finest pyjamas and cosiest dressing gown! Monogramming is optional, of course. Finish your ‘ready for bed’ look with a pair of rabbit slippers for maximum comfort.

Pyjama Tea Party Invitation Ideas

Be creative with your pyjama party invitations, and make them out of pillow cases instead of paper. All you’ll need is a few colourful felt tip pens to write your message on them. Or why not turn your envelopes into sleeping bags, and tuck your invitations inside?

Pyjama Tea Party Games

Fluffy Bunnies is one of my favourite games. It involves you and your chums stuffing as many marshmallows as you can into your mouth. Each time you add a marshmallow, you must say ‘fluffy bunnies’. The first person to slip up has to make the next round of tea!

Classic games such as Charades, Pictionary or Trivial Pursuit, are perfect for a pyjama party. If card games are more your thing, while away the wee hours with Rummy or the Elevator Game.