Mad Hatter's Tea Party - PG Tips Tea

I’m a little jealous that it’s always tea time for the Mad Hatter. What better way to while away your days than entertaining chums with a pot of freshly brewed tea?

On this page you’ll find all of my best tips for throwing a Mad Hatter tea party to be proud of.

Mad Hatter Tea Recommendation: PG Extra Strong

My tea of choice for this party is PG Extra Strong. This blend has a bold and memorable flavour with plenty of character – a bit like the Mad Hatter himself!

Mad Hatter Tea Party Recipe: Dark Chocolate and Parsnip Cakes

PG tips Dark Chocolate and Parsnip Cakes are marvellous little treats that will fit right in with your unique Mad Hatter theme. Follow my surprisingly simple recipe and your guests are bound to ask for second helpings.

Mad Hatter Tea Party Decoration Ideas

You’ll really bring your party to life by decorating your dining area to look like Wonderland. Lay your table with lots of mismatched crockery, stacks of teacups and scattered playing cards, and surround it with different sized chairs and stools. If you’re low on crockery, or worried that your finest china might break, why not pop down to your local antiques store or car boot sale and buy some second-hand?

The Mad Hatter’s tea party is full of baffling signs and directions. Tie some handwritten labels saying ‘eat me’ and ‘drink me’ to food items and teapots, you could even stain the labels with vinegar or coffee and tie them with some good old-fashioned string. If you really want your guests to feel like they’re entering Wonderland, put up some puzzling signs that say things like ‘nowhere’ and ‘anywhere’, ‘this way’ and ‘that way’.

If you’re having your party outdoors, you could a big Cheshire Cat grin onto a piece of cardboard, pin it to a tree branch, and see how long it takes your friends to spot it.

Mad Hatter Tea Party Fancy Dress Ideas

To dress up as the Mad Hatter himself, you will of course need a big top hat complete with an elaborate hat band. Now, if you don’t already have a hat, try making your own out of cardboard and duct tape – just don’t forget to attach a label reading “In this style 10/6” like the Mad Hatter himself. Feel free to decorate your hat with as many other trimmings as you can find – you should go as big and colourful as you like.

If you’d rather dress up as the White Rabbit, you can make ears and a fluffy tail out of cardboard and cotton wool. If you’ve got a little time to prepare your fancy dress costume, you could wear an old waistcoat, cut out a giant pocket watch from cardboard and attach it to an old necklace chain. You could always use a touch of face-paint for some bunny-whiskers.

If you’d rather come to the party dressed as Alice in Wonderland herself, all you’ll need is a plain blue dress and a white apron (or cloth) to tie at the waist. Add an Alice band to finish off your fancy dress outfit.

Mad Hatter Tea Party Invitation Ideas

A Mad Hatter never drinks tea alone! Invite your guests to Wonderland by writing your invitations on the backs of playing cards, or on card cut into the shape of hearts and teapots.

Mad Hatter Tea Party Games

Just like when I entertain my guests with crazy tales from my life as a top celeb, the Mad Hatter loves to bamboozle his pals with wacky wonderland games. Why not play a spot of lawn croquet using your own silly rules? Or, you could put a mad twist on the classic ‘who am I?’ party game by pinning characters’ names onto your Mad Hatter hats. Each person must guess who they are by talking to the other players.