Right Royal British Tea Party

There’s nothing more British than a royal British tea party. Bringing two national institutions together (three if I count myself) is the perfect way to celebrate life on these great isles. 

I’ve brought together my noblest advice to help you throw a tea party fit for royalty… although I’m still waiting for my knighthood..

Right Royal British Tea Recommendation: PG Gold

As ‘PG’s best ever blend’, the rich and aromatic flavour of PG Gold makes it a cuppa fit for a King, and perfect for a Royal British tea party. Just don’t forget to raise your pinkie like the Queen when you take a sip!

Right Royal British Tea Party Recipe: Mini Victoria Sponge Cakes

The perfect complement to a royal cuppa is a plate of mini Victoria Sponge Cakes, named after Queen Vic herself. I’m thinking of renaming them Monkey Sponge Cakes – what do you think chums?


Royal British Tea Party Decoration Ideas

Nothing says British tea time like a bit of Union Jack bunting! If you can’t find it in the shops, you can make your own by cutting out triangles of colourful paper and hang them from the walls with string or ribbon.   

Decorate your royal tea table with a nice white lace table cloth and your poshest crockery. If you’re worried about breaking something precious, why not use gold paper plates and cups instead? This’ll save on the washing up! For a regal place setting, you can fold up gold or silver paper napkins to look like miniature crowns too.

A range of British jams and chutneys make a great addition to afternoon tea. You could even cover the lids with red, white and blue paper, held in place with string or an elastic band to give it a true British look. Serving cucumber sandwiches in triangles will make you feel like you’re drinking tea with the Queen!

Right Royal British Tea Party Invitation Ideas

What’s a royal tea party without some very special guests? I like to add my stamp of approval to envelopes by melting a red wax crayon in the oven, and then carving my official Monkey initials into the seal while it’s still warm. You could also make your very own royal scroll by rolling up your invite and tying it with red or gold ribbon.

Right Royal British Tea Party Fancy Dress Ideas

A royal British theme is a great excuse to put on your finest evening wear.

As well as putting on a posh frock, you can become instant British royalty by making your own paper crown. If you really want to dress like a Prince (or Princess), create yourself a regal cloak out of a long piece of fabric, or even a blanket, and attach it at the neck with a brooch.