Pyramid Bags

Some call it a stroke of genius. Others call it a modern-day miracle. You might even call it ‘the eighth wonder of the world’.

Either way, it seems I’m not the only national treasure to come out of PG tips…

Our clever pyramid tea bags act like mini teapots by giving the leaves more room to brew. This unlocks our great PG tips flavour, making sure you always get that perfect cuppa. We’ve been using these little pyramid-shaped marvels since their 1996 launch, with the belief that they’re the best shape for freeing up our fresh taste. And having had more than my fair share of PG tips over the years, I really couldn’t agree more. 

Pyramid tea bags are special because they have 50% more space than regular bags. This means that water can move through the leaves more efficiently, allowing the tea to infuse quicker. Usually, we recommend you brew your tea for a good minute, but with our pyramid bags we find you can achieve tea greatness in less than 40 seconds. Not bad if like me you just can’t wait to lift that cuppa to your lips! 

Our pyramid bags give you more time to sit back, relax and enjoy another great moment with a brew in hand.

So, put the kettle on: It’s you, me and a cuppa PG.