What can you do

To reduce waste even more, we’re spreading the word to tea-drinkers across Britain: recycle or compost your tea bags!

You can do this by adding your tea bags to local food waste collections: 55% of local councils in the UK provide such a service and that number is rising every year. So if your council offers food waste collections, start recycling your tea bags today!

Our fruit, herbal and green tea ranges use a different tea bag material than our other PG tips pyramid bags. To compost these ranges, put the contents of the used bag on your compost heap, and dispose of the bag with the rest of your household waste.

For those of you without access to food waste collections, why not try composting at home?

Home composting is simple and produces rich, free compost that is great for the garden. Here are Monkey’s top PG tips for composting:

  • Chop up your waste and add a few sprinkles of water before throwing it on your compost heap – this speeds up the process;
  • Layer green waste (tea bags, leaves, vegetable peelings, cut grass) on top of brown waste (dry leaves and grass, wood chips, shredded newspaper, pet bedding);
  • Place your heap in the sun;
  • Regularly rotate your heap to allow in oxygen;
  • Keep a waste caddy/bin in your kitchen to make collection easier.

For loads of tips and information on home composting, visit http://www.recyclenow.com/home_composting – you could also pick up a cheap compost bin!

If you don't have access to recycling or composting facilities, you can still make a difference! For example, you can empty your teabags into your flowerpots or flowerbeds instead of the bin.

We’ll leave the last word to Monkey: "Remember, PG tips drinkers: things as small as tea bags can help make a big difference. Thanks for doing your bit for a better, cleaner planet!".