How many calories?  

Barely any if drunk without milk. Even with semi-skimmed milk, there’s just 14 calories per cup.

What’s more, our tea leaves are 100% natural and sustainably sourced. So, PG tips tastes good and it also helps the planet.

How much caffeine?

Again, good news. One average cuppa contains just 40mg of caffeine – 35mg fewer than a cup of instant coffee, and 60-75mg fewer than that of filter coffee. Up to 300mg/day (six cups of tea) is considered moderate consumption of caffeine, with no evidence of harmful effects in the vast majority of the adult population.

How do I make the perfect cup of tea?  

Monkey’s top tips:

  • Use fresh tap water: it contains more oxygen, which makes for a fuller flavour.
  • If you’re using hard water, it’s best to use a metal kettle, not a plastic one (unless is has a limescale filter).
  • Relax! Savour every sip by cultivating what the Japanese call a ‘tea mind’ – a state of tranquility to maximise your tea-drinking enjoyment.


How much water should I be drinking?

Around 2 litres per day. Or 6-8 glasses.
That’s a lot of water. So why not mix it up? Water is the best thing to drink but other water-based drinks can help you towards your daily target – including  a PG tips cuppa. At 99% water, a cup of PG tips makes for a far tastier alternative.

What if I don’t drink enough water?

If you don’t drink enough fluids, you become dehydrated which can leave you feeling tired, make you constipated and cause headaches. Best put the kettle on! 


How good a substitute to water is tea really?

A great one. A recent report by the British Dietetic Association concluded that caffeinated beverages like tea and coffee support hydration.
To find out more, visit Tea Council UK .


Where can I buy Monkey stuff?

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