Q & A

How is this tea different to Original?

We know that more people are drinking dairy alternatives, but we think standard black tea doesn’t taste great with dairy-free.

At PG tips, we wanted to fix this. Our master tea blender went back to the start of the tea blending process to create a blend that is just right for non-dairy alternatives. We use tea from specific origins to create a blend that looks and tastes great – providing a smooth and refreshing taste with a variety of dairy-free alternatives.


Which dairy-free alternative would you recommend?

Our PG tips Perfect with Dairy-Free blend complements a variety of dairy-free alternatives. We’d recommend Soya, or any other common non-dairy alternatives to milk.


Is the tea itself dairy-free? 

Yes, as with all our PG tips tea, the tea is dairy-free. PG tips Perfect with Dairy Free has been expertly blended to compliment dairy-free alternatives so makes it suitable for vegans and those who wish or need to follow an alternative dietary lifestyle.


Is the brewing time the same as Original?

Yes, it is! Brew for as long as you normally would to achieve your desired cuppa. We recommend 1-2 mins in freshly boiled water.


Is this tea still Rainforest Alliance Certified?

All of our teas are 100% Rainforest Alliance Certified. Grown by farmers that care and are cared for.


Can I recycle/compost my teabags?

Yes, you can dispose of your teabags in the same way as your normal PG tips pyramid teabags. Further details can be found here