Q & A

Where has the old PG tips decaf gone?

Our previous decaf tea is no longer for sale, but our new PG tips The Tasty Decaf tastes even better! Try it for yourself, as we are now available in most major retailers. Click here to buy now.


Is the brewing time the same as Original?

Yes, it is! Brew for as long as you normally would to achieve your desired cuppa. We recommend 1-2 mins in freshly boiled water.


Is this tea still Rainforest Alliance Certified?

All of our teas are 100% Rainforest Alliance Certified. Grown by farmers that care and are cared for.


Can I recycle/compost my teabags?

Yes, you can dispose of your teabags in the same way as your normal PG tips pyramid teabags. Further details can be found here