PG Picks Black Tea



Welcome, pals! If you’re ever looking for tea inspiration, PG Picks is just for you!
This is where I’ll introduce you to new flavours in our range, as well as giving you a fresh perspective on your old favourites!

Today’s Pick - Black tea
1052-989951-Original_460x350_GRBlack tea is usually just called ‘tea’ or ‘a cuppa builder’s’ – but, when it comes to PG tips tea, we call it the eighth wonder of the world!

So, what makes PG tips tea the pick of the bunch? Well, it’s because we only use the tips – the top two leaves and bud of the tea plant. Nothing else makes the cut (we think it’s worth being picky). 

Where’s it from?
This tasty brew is made from teas grown around the world to make sure that you always have a great cuppa.

Why should I drink it?
Well, because it tastes terrific, of course – you just can’t beat PG tips. But an important benefit of PG tips black tea is what it does for our social lives – a chat over a cuppa helps us connect with pals and foster communi-tea!